Oncology 3:
Tumours of the Respiratory and Urogenital Tract, Endocrine & Miscellaneous Tumours

6 - 10 November 2023 | TBA, China

General Overview

Cancer is a common disease in pets and one of the main causes of death. Over the past decade, our knowledge of cancer in animals has increased rapidly, and today several treatment options exist to treat canine and feline cancer patients.

In “Oncology 3” will build up on Oncology 1&2 and address a variety of highly interesting neoplasms including tumours of the respiratory and urogenital tract as well as ocular, auricular, endocrine and miscellaneous intrathoracic tumours. There will be lots of interactive and case oriented work using a systematic approach to the cancer patient. This includes recognizing symptoms, interpreting radiographic & cytological findings, choosing appropriate staging procedures and formulating a therapeutic plan. 


•    Tumours of the respiratory tract & intrathoracic tumours principles of thoracic surgery
•    Mesothelioma & intracavitary chemotherapy
•    Tumours of the urogenital tract
•    Endocrine tumours & principles of endocrine surgery
•    Tumours of the eyes and eye-lids
•    Tumours of the auricular canal and bulla
•    Introduction to tumours of the central and peripheral nervous systems
•    Interactive case management sessions (miscellaneous tumors)


All modules will be held in China, in English language with consecutive translation in Chinese.

CPD Hours: 40

ECTS credits (Master & Certificate): 4 (+1 ECTS by completing the Distance Learning)

Tuition Fee: TBA

Course Language: English with consecutive translation in Chinese

Full Program (Click to Open)
Monday, 6 November 2023

90 (180) min    CASE-BASED: Tumours of the upper respiratory tract (Schmidt)
    Lunch Break
45 (90) min    CASE-BASED: Cardiac, heart base tumors, thymoma (Schmidt)
45 (90) min    CASE-BASED: canine & feline lung tumours (Schmidt)
30 (60) min     Intralesional & intracavitary chemotherapy, electrochemotherapy, mesothelioma & malignant effusions (Schmidt)

Tuesday, 7 November 2023

20 (40) min    CASE-based: Squamous cell carcinoma of the canine nasal planum (Selmic)
90 (180) min    Surgery of intrathoracic tumour and tumours of the chest wall (Selmic)
Principles & practice of thoracoscopic surgery (Selmic)
    Lunch Break
30 (60) min     CASE-BASED: Tumours of the eye-lids, eyes and retrobulbar space (Selmic)
30 (60) min    CASE-BASED: Tumours of the auricular canal & bulla (Selmic)
40 (80) min    An introduction to brain tumours & tumours of the peripheral nervous system (Schmidt)

Wednesday, 8 November 2023

60 (120) min    Canine & feline thyroid tumours and canine parathyroid tumours (Schmidt)
30 (60) min    Surgery and perioperative care thyroid and parathyroid (Selmic)
    Lunch Break
30 (60) min    Insulinoma (Schmidt)
30 (60) min    Surgery and perioperative care: pancreas (Selmic)
30 (60) min    Canine & feline adrenal neoplasia (Schmidt)
30 (60) min    Surgery and perioperative care: adrenal glands (Selmic)

Thursday, 9 November 2023

90 (180) min    Tumours of the urinary system (Schmidt)
    Lunch Break
60 (120) min    Surgery & interventional treatments (stents) of urinary tract tumours (Selmic)
60 (120) min    CASE-BASED: Tumours of the male reproductive tract (Selmic)

Friday, 10 November 2023

90 (180) min    CASE-BASED: Tumours of the female reproductive tract (Selmic)
    Lunch Break
60 (120) min    Metronomic chemotherapy (Schmidt) 
30 (60) min      Closing & Certificates (Schmidt & Selmic)

Course Masters

Dr. Jarno Schmidt


Hofheim, Germany

Dr. Laurent Findji


Surrey, United Kingdom

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